Opening hours and Visa application procedure

Non-official translation

It is possible to send in a visa application by secure mail or other express mail service/courier. The visa application with requirements should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the intended entry date. After having concluded the visa application, passports will be dispatched by secure mail or as otherwise agreed with the Visa Department. The Consulate is not liable for delayed delivery or lost packages.

A visa application will be considered on the following conditions:

  • the applicant is holder of a European passport or resides in Europe on the grounds of a residence permit with a validity of not less than 3 months;
  • the applicant (of non Surinamese origin) does not have the intention to stay in Suriname for longer than 90 days within 6 months;
  • the visa application is complete.

Our website informs:

  • which visa one can apply for: Types of visas and (processing) fees;
  • what is required to apply for a visa: Requirements for a Visa application;
  • that supporting documents are necessary for certain visa types:Supporting documents and conditions for a visa application

Attention: Contrary to a visa, a Tourist card cannot be obtained by mail and payment should therefore not be transferred 

The applicant should contact the Visa Department within 2 - 3 days of the submission of the complete visa application by secure mail or express mail service/courier to verify whether it was received and if payment of the corresponding visa fee can be transferred. 

The amount to be transferred will depend on the type of visa.
Please read our advise for Form of payment

Dispatch of passports
Your options:

A. Secure/registered mail. The applicant is requested to enclose a clearly readable stamped (prepaid) self-addressed envelope of a suitable size and quality with the visa application. Please state your complete address + country name in Dutch or English. The envelope will be used to dispatch the passport(s). 

The prepaid envelope should be stamped as follows:

In the   Netherlands (0 - 2 kg)

€ 8,35

Within Europe (0 - 2 kg)

€ 11,95

Outside of Europe/world (0 - 2 kg)

€ 16,95

Note: Please do not transfer postal fees to the bank account of the Consulate. Postal fees can (no longer) be paid through the Consulate.

B. Express mail service/courier. Paid by you (at your end) the express mail service/courier can collect the package at the Consulate after an appointment with the Visa department.

Liability after a visa was issued 
I. The Consulate cannot be held responsible for claims related to incorrect and/or incomplete data/entry in a visa. The Consulate therefore advises to verify the departure date, name spelling, type of visa, etc. immediately after receipt of the visa and to contact the consulate if necessary.
II. All risks involving a visa application by registered mail, are entirely for the applicants responsibility or intermediary travel agency and/or Visa service.
III. Visa fee(s) will not be refunded if visa was denied.

Visa Department
Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname
De Cuserstraat 11, 1081 CK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. 0031 (0)20-642 6717/6137 (dial 9)

You should at all times personaly sign your application form.

Visa applications of EU-citizens, can be issued the same day. You may wait for your visa while it is being processed, provided that there are no objections.
There are other arrangements for travel agents/couriers who are registered with the Consulate.

The payment may be done in cash or with a bank card. Credit cards are not accepted.