Travelling with minors

13 March 2020
Travelling with minors

Because of the strict control on human trafficking, in particular trafficking of children, and child abduction additional control is exercised on adult passengers traveling with minors (up to 18 years).

It is common for minors to be accompanied by a parent, grandparents, aunt, uncle, guardian or group when travelling.

On all occasions the following documents must be able to be submitted:
- A permission statement of the parents which clearly mentions that said person is allowed to take the child on a journey with the knowledge of both parents.
- Copy of valid passports of the parents (or guardians)
- Copy family book or family extract or custody designation.

If you are traveling to Paramaribo, the United States, Aruba, Curacao, Cayenne, Belem, Port of Spain or Georgetown, you could use the online "consent form":