Travel Information Manual - TIM

Suriname (SR)

Geographical Information

Capital - Paramaribo (PBM)

1. Passport:

Passport required:
Passports issued by the United Nations to stateless persons and refugees accepted, provided they have obtained prior approval to enter from 
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Document Validity

Passport must be valid at least 6 (six) months on arrival. Surinamese travelers must present a valid passport. No expired passports accepted. Those residing in Suriname may enter with travel documents valid on arrival.

Crew members

Same regulations as for passengers apply


Passport not required for holders of a Military ID card with movement orders issued by The Netherlands or the United States of America.

Passport Exemptions: 

  1. Holders of a "Laisser-Passer", whilst travelling on duty,issued by the United Nations
  2. Holders of an Organization of American States official travel document

2. Visa: 

Visa required

Visa Exemptions:

  1. Nationals of Suriname
  2. A stay of max. 90 days:
    1. for nationals of The Netherlands being a resident of The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba;
    2. for nationals of Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Dominica, Gambia,   Grenada, Guyana, Israel, Jamaica,Japan, Korea (Rep), Philippines, Singapore, St.Kitts-Nevis,St. Lucia, St.Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago;
    3. for holders of Britisch passports endorsed "Britisch Overseas Territories Citizen", provided issued in Montserrat;
    4. for holders of Hong Kong (SAR China) passports;
    5. for holders of diplomatic, service or official passports, being nationals of Colombia and Cuba;
    6. for holders of diplomatic passports being nationals of Costa Rica and Venezuela;
  3. Holders of a Re-entry/Residence Permit issued by Suriname
  4. A stay of max. 30 days to nationals of Malaysia
  5. Holders of an Organization of American States official travel document

Transit without visa

not applicable

Transit Visa:

  1. Those having a third country as final destination must apply for a transit visa prior to embarkation. The visa for the final destination must be presented. Leaving the airport area is not allowed. No hotel facilities available with the airport transit area.
  2. A transit visa has a validity of 24 hours. Fee. USD 15.-- or EUR 10.00

Merchant Seamen:

  1. Visa is not required if the nationality of Merchant Seamen is mentioned under visa exemptions (excl.nationals of Brazil) applicable to normal passport holders.
  2. Merchant Seamen arriving by air in order to board a ship, or if arriving by ship in order to board an aircraft must travel on duty and hold a Letter of Guarantee from the shipping company.
  3. Visa (if required) can be obtained on arrival. If ship is in Suriname water for a max. of 3 days, a transit visa has to be applied for. Stays of longer that 3 days, a business visa must be applied for.
    Crew members: Same regulations as for passengers apply
    Military: Same regulations as for passengers apply

Visa Issuance:

  1. Prior to arrival: if required, a visa can be issued by embassies/consulates of Suriname in Belgium Brussels), Brazil (Brasilia),China (People's Rep) (Beijing), Cuba (Havana), Curacao (Willemstad),French Guiana (Cayenne and Saint Laurent), Guyana (Georgetown), Indonesia (Jakarta), India (New Delhi), The Netherlands (Amsterdam and The Hague), the latter only for courtesy and diplomatic visa),South Africa (Pretoria), Trinidad & Tobago (Port of Spain), USA (Miami, Washington) and Venezuela Caracas).
  2. On Arrival:
    • if required, a visa will be issued to visitors of Surinamese origin (60-plus). No prior approval is required
    • a visa on arrival can be issued to all other visitors (irrespective of age) NOT being of Surinamese origin who normally require a visa to enter Suriname upon prior approval


  • tourist visa (validity 2 months): US$ 45.-- or EUR 40.--
  • business visa (validity 2 months): US$ 60.-- or EUR 50.--

Additional Information:

  1. Visitors who intend to stay longer will have to report to the Aliens Registration Office.
  2. Visitors intending to stay longer than three (3) months must obtain an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) prior to their arrival. The "MKV" must be applied for at the embassies/consulates.
  3. Visitors must hold return/onward tickets;
    1. exempt: passengers sent out on behalf and under guarantee of companies operating in Suriname and members of their families, provided preadvice is sent to the station manager at Paramaribo of the airline concerned; and passengers are not allowed to leave without prior a approval from the station manager mentioned above (copy of his approval to be attached to passengers' ticket);
    2. exempt: passengers employed with the Government or sent out for service with the Surinamese Government;
    3. exempt: nationals of The Netherlands (irrespective of origin) who are remigrating to Suriname with a residence permit;
    4. exempt: accredited governmetn officials and their dependants, who are in possession of a visa and an identity card for enitre period of entire period of accreditation.


Admission and transit refused to nationals of the People's Republic of China boarding in Hong Kong. Non-compliance with the visa regulations will result in deportation of the passenger at carriers' expense.

3. Health:

Vaccination against yellow fever required, if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting countries with infected or endemic areas.
Exempt  from Yellow Fever vaccination:

  1. transit passengers not leaving the airport.
  2. Those not leaving the airport in the countries concerned


Vaccination against:

  • yellow fever for all passengers visiting any area outside the main cities in Suriname;
  • malaria prophylaxis. Malaria risk - P.Falciparum (76%) - is high throughout the year in the three southern districts of the country. In Paramaribo City and the other seven coastal districts, transmission risk is low or negligible. Chloroquine and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamineresistant reported.Some decline in quinine sensitivity also reported. Recommended prevention in risk areas: IV

4. Airport Tax:

No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport.


Prohibited: all fruits (except reasonable quantity for personal Use imported from the Netherlands), vegetables, plants,roots, bulbs, coffee, cacao, rice, fish, meat and meat products.
Imports: Free import provided declared to the customs: 200 cigarettes or 20 cigars or 200 cigarillos or 500 grammes of tobacco (products); 1 
litre of spirit, 4 litres of wine and 8 litres of beer; 50 grammes  of perfume and 1 litre of eau de toilette, lotions, eau-de-Cologne etc; other good, souvenirs or gifts, and goods intended for personal use only: up to a maximum value of USD 500 or equivalent). Amounts and goods exceeding this value must be declared.

Prohibited: all fruits (except reasonable quantity for personal Use imported from the Netherlands), vegetables, plants, roots, bulbs, coffee, cacao, rice, fish.

Meat and meat products

The importation of veterinary pharmaceuticals, used animal related products (used bird cages, pens, etc.) and products of animal origin (meat, meat products, dairy, feathers, hides, etc.) into Surinam is prohibited without the presentation of a valid Veterinary Import License, issued by the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries in Suriname.
An exception is made for made for the importation of processed products of animal origin up to a maximum of 5 kg, for non-commerical use, provided they meet the following requirements:

  • There are no dangerous animal diseases or zoonosis such as Foot and Mouth disease, etc. in the country of origin/processing/shipment;
  • They are packed leak-proof, in the original packaging, with the original labeling, clearly stating the country of origin and the product type;
  • They do not originate from poultry or other birds

Products of animal origin that do not meet these requirements will be confiscated upon arrival.

Addittional information.

  1. Suriname is a member of the CITES Treaty
  2. Import license is required for firearms, ammunition and other weapons
  3. Residents must hold proof of ownership if returning with below personal effects: - photo cameras,tape recorders, video cameras (with articlenumbers) and - bicycles.


All animals, including pets and wildlife, must be accompanied by a valid Veterinary Import License, issued by the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of Suriname.
In addition, a clinical examination will be performed in Suriname. If the requirements, stated within the Veterinary Import License are not met, the animals will be quarantined or admittance will be refused.

Bagage clearance

Bagage is cleared at the Johan Adolf Pengel Airport.

  • Exempt: bagage of transit passengers with a destination outside of Suriname


Import: Local currency (Suriname Dollars - SRD) : SRD. 150.- per person; foreign currency: unlimited, provided amounts exceeding US$ 10.000 are declared on model H forms on arrival.
Export: Residents: local currency (Surinamese Dollar - SRD) SRD. 150.-- per person foreign currencies: unlimited, provided acquired from a 
foreign exchange bank and amounts exceeding USD 10.000 are declared on model H forms on departure. Non-residents: foreign currencies:unlimited, provided amounts exceeding USD 10.000, are declared on model H forms on arrival.