Requirements for a Visa application

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To apply for a visa the following is needed:

  1. a completed online Visa application form. The visa application form has to be completed online and printed out. Names should be written in full. The applicant has to personally sign the form, which should not be older than 10 working days, click on: online visa form.  If the online visa form is not available a pre printed visa form will be accepted in urgent cases.
  2. A colored picture (3x4cm) of a recent date. Please glue the picture in the right upper corner.
  3. Your passport. The passport should be valid at least six (6) months on arrival* in Suriname. You also need 1 blanc page (front and back). You are requested to present the passport without a cover.
  4. Good-quality photocopy of supporting documents in case of: a) minors; b)internship, voluntary work etc.;c)business; d) multiple entry; e)death in the immediate family (see further information).


  • Incomplete forms will not be processed
  • The visa application fees printed on the forms are no longer valid. See the list of new visa types and fees
  • When completing the online form disregard step 4 (Visa card is no longer issued)
  • Supporting documents required (as in 4.) will not be returned