Tourist visa for 3-years

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To facilitate travels to the Republic of Suriname it is possible since juli 2009 for foreigners of Surinamese origin, to obtain a tourist visa for 3 years (multiple entries).


  1. Surinamese origin: persons born in Suriname or persons with one or both parents born in Suriname Proof of Surinamese origin. The Surinamese origin must be proofed by an official document (for example: a authenticated copy of a birth certificate) or another official record (for example: the place of birth mentioned in a passport)

  2. Personen who have been refused admittance into Suriname in the last 5 years, will not be able to obtain a visa for 3 years

  3. Minors (up to 17 years) can only be issued a 3-year visa with written authorization of the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) (download form here). Detailed information with regard to a visa application for minors is available in the link to "Visa info."

  4. The passport of the applicant of the 3-year visa must be valid at least 2 years

  5. A 3 year visa allows a stay of 90 days maximum in Suriname (per visit). If the foreigner wishes to stay longer than 90 days a Residence Permit must be applied for at the Ministry of Justice and Police (

  6. A visa can be cancelled by the competent authorities of the Republic of Suriname if there is cause for such

Please read all information in main menu "Consular Affairs" with a link to "Visa Info."
When filling in the online visa application form you will not have the option to choose for a 3 year visa. For this reason you are requested to mention as "purpose": 3 years visa.

How to apply
Applications for a 3-year visa can be submitted from Monday through Friday from 09.00 - 15.00 hours at the office of the Visa Department.