Supporting documents and conditions for a visa application

Submitting supporting documents does not guarantee that a visa will be issued to you, but it will allow the Visa Department to make a decision about your application based on everything you have provided.

Visa application for a minor
Most important requirement.
A visa application for a minor (up to 17 years) can only be submitted with the authorization of the parents/legal guardians of the minor.

For each child a separate visa application form must be completed, with required passport size colored picture, supporting documents and visa fee as mentioned in "Requirements for a Visa application".

Supporting documents needed:

  • a birth certificate or other legal document stating name(s) of parent(s) or legal guardian(s), in case the child travels with parent(s). 
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  • in all other cases: written consent (signed and dated) by at least one parent with legal authority or legal guardian and birth certificate or an official letter from an authority confirming guardianship.

Internship or voluntary work, etc. (period: maximum 90 days)

Supporting documents needed.

  • Copy of flight ticket (v.v.)
  • Official letter of the authorized institution/organization confirming the purpose and period of stay in Suriname (issued on official letter-headed paper or stationery of the institution/organization).

Business Visa
Supporting documents needed:

  • a copy of registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • an official invitational letter of the business partner in Suriname or official letter of the company of representation
  • a copy of the flight ticket

Tourist visa for multiple entries
Supporting documents needed:

  • a copy of the flight ticket (v.v.)
  • a copy of the flight ticket for 2nd destination
  • all other documents proofing a return with 90 days.

Every applicant is unique and there is no definitive list of supporting documents. The Visa Department will make a decision on the application with or without an interview.

Special visa
(in case of death in the immediate family)

If you are of Surinamese origin and you intend to travel to Suriname for a funeral of an immediate family member, you may apply for a "special visa (SV)".

The "sv" fee costs 20 euro per person and is meant for grandparents, parents, brother, sisters, children and grand children (to the age of 21). Children and grand children under the age of 21 are issued a visa without costs (gratis).

To qualify for a special visa, the following must be submitted:

  • a copy of the death certificate
  • a copy of the family relation/connection

Transit visa
A transit visa can be issued to persons who intend to travel to an onward country within 3 days of the arrival in Suriname.

Supporting documents needed:

  • copy of tickets (also to onward country)
  • evidence that you are assured entry into the onward country that you intend to visit