Information for holders of a Surinamese driver's license

Holders of a Surinamese driver's license, who have residency in the Netherlands, could contact the Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname in Amsterdam for the request for renewal, duplicate and international driving permit.

Required documents:
1. application form in 2 copies (completely fill out and sign).
This form can be downloaded here, retrieved from the counter at the Consulate during business hours or received by post letter (please request the form by letter and include a stamped and addressed return envelope).
2. A) for driver's license renewal: a clear copy of current driver's license.
B) for duplicate driver's license (for loss): a copy of the police report on the loss of the license, with signature of the police officer and police stamp. A copy of your valid ID (ID-card/passport).
C) for international driving permit: a clear copy of the valid national driver's license.
3. three (3) recent color passport photos: white background, both ears visible, without headgear. For males: no earrings.
4. An original copy (not older than 1 month) of the municipality where you are registered with the local government official's signature and stamp.
5. If your married name is mentioned in the driving license and you are now separated: a copy of the divorce certificate. In the event of death of the married partner: a copy of the death certificate.
6. An original health certificate (not older than 1 month) on the suitability (yes/no medical restrictions) to drive a motor vehicle with the doctor's signature and stamp.

• Renewal: € 40,-
• Duplicates: € 42,-
• International driver’s license: € 45,-.

Submission of application:
The application for the renewal of the license can be made from 2 months prior to the expiration date.
Please note: If the driver’s license has expired longer than 1 (one) year but less than 3 (three) years, one could obtain a new document against an additional fee.
Driver’s licenses whose period of validity is longer than 3 (three) years expired will not be renewed.

When your application meets the required documents, the Consulate will communicate to you to proceed payment.
To prevent incorrect or double payments you are urged not to transfer to the bank account number of the Consulate of the Republic of Suriname until you receive communication to do so.
Payment by bank can only after coordination with and/or confirmation of the department for driver’s licenses.

Payment methods:
• at the cashier at the Consulate (in cash or via pins ; no credit card)
• by bank transfer to ABN-AMRO bank account number: IBAN-NL47ABNA0549316922 addressed to: the Consulate of Suriname in Amsterdam, stating: name, surname and initials of the person involved and subject for which the amount is deposited.
Please note our BIC-code for international bank transfers: ABNANL2A and IBAN-code = NL47ABNA0549316922 to the bank.

When sending an application by post: 
It is advised to contact the department for driver’s licenses one (1) week after sending the application by post to verify receipt.

Processing procedure:
The request will be redirected to the relevant authorities in Paramaribo.
The processing time is set at a minimum of three (3) months. As soon as the requested driver's license has been received at the Consulate, you will receive written notification after which you would need to personally pick up the driving license. The national driver's license, after being provided with your signature, must be plastic-coated.

Business hours department for driver's licenses
• Mondays and Tuesdays from 09 AM to 01 PM.
• Thursdays and Fridays from 09 AM to 01 PM.
On Wednesdays and national holidays, the Department is closed.

Address : De Cuserstraat 11, 1081 CK, Amsterdam.
Telephone: 020 - 642 6137 of 020 - 642 6717, choose option 5.

Driving in the Netherlands
For information about driving in the Netherlands with a Surinamese national or Surinamese international driver's license, please refer to
For driving in other countries please refer to the competent authority of the country concerned.