Driving in Suriname

non official translation

Due to a change in the Road Traffic Act of Suriname, visitors who wish to drive a vehicle in Suriname must possess a valid international driver's license.
Persons who do not possess such, may apply for a Suriname driver's permit at the Driver's licenses Department, at Bureau Nieuwe Haven (Police Station) in Paramaribo.

To apply for a driver's permit the following must be submitted:

  • a valid foreign (national) driver's license and a official translation thereof (ex.Dutch)
  • a passport, with proof of legal stay in Suriname (visa or residence permit)
  • a confirmation of a bank payment of a fee to the amount of SRD 150.-- (ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SRD) to be paid at the "Centrale Betaaldienst" at Kerkplein 1 (building of main Post Office) or at the "Sub-Betaaldienst" at the Mr.J.Lachmonstraat 167 (building of the Ministry of Public Works).

The category/categories of vehicle(s) you are allowed to drive will be mentioned in the permit.

The Suriname Driver's permit will be issued for 1 (one) year, with the possibility of renewal for 1 (one) year subsequently. The validity will not exceed that of the visitors foreign driver's license.

De fee for the renewal of the Suriname Driver's permit = SRD. 100.==

Holders of a valid Dutch national driver's license, who wish to obtain a (Dutch) International Driver's license should contact the ANWB (www.anwb.nl).