Portal for doing business in Suriname

Suriname is open to sustainable partnerships focusing on production, connectivity and innovation in particular. Diversifying the economy outside the well-developed mining sector enjoys priority. Investors from all around the world are already active in Suriname, amongst them are investors from the Netherlands, Dubai, the United States of America, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago. Suriname also engages in business with these countries, as well as with other countries in the immediate region.

If you plan to do business in or from Suriname it is useful to know the following contacts:

This official investment Institute in Suriname is operational since 2018. The Institute will actively approach investors and evaluate investment proposals. When considering these proposals the sustainability of projects is measured against national development plans.

Brokopondolaan 97
Telephone:                  +597 494-374

Chamber of Commerce and industry
A registration of your company (or Foundation) at the Chamber of Commerce and industry is required when you want to engage in business from Suriname. The Chamber is also the one stop shop for questions about permits or sector-specific information.

Some type of enterprises have a business license requirement. For more information on business licenses, contact information and frequently asked questions:


KKF- Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Prof. W.J.A. Kernkampweg 37
Telephone                    +597 530-311 / +597 530-313
Website                       http://www.surinamechamber.com