Authorization for Temporary Stay ("MKV")

Foreigners with a visa requirement (with exception of those of Surinamese origin), who intend to stay in the Republic of Suriname for a period of longer than 90 days, should apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay ("MKV = Machtiging Kort Verblijf") 3 months before the intended departure date to Suriname.

  1. Foreigners (non Surinamese origin) who have travelled to Suriname on a tourist or business visa will not be able to apply for "MKV" (residence) during their stay in Suriname.
  2. Foreigners of Surinamese origin (persons born in Suriname, or with one or both parents born in Suriname) may travel to Suriname on a tourist or business visa and have the option to apply for a Residence Permit during their stay in Suriname (within two weeks of their arrival in Suriname). See 

To apply for a "MKV" one needs:
a) A completed form (download here)

b) documents as listed below (If documents are written in a language other than Dutch or English, an official translation must be enclosed)
c) payment of administration fee


  • All public instruments (acts, certificates, deeds, records) must bear an "Apostille" (international certification). Documents requiring an Apostille are marked with a * (star). An Apostille can be affixed by the competent authority in your city; The apostille should not be older than 1 (one) month.
  • Please also see other requirements and conditions.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The "MKV" is not meant for people of Surinamese origin, returning to Suriname (remigration). (

To be submitted for a temporary residence permit for Suriname:

  • 2 passport photograps of a recent date (not a scan or computer printout)
  • a copy of the relevant pages of the passport (including all pages with stamps)
  • *an original/copy of the birth certificate
  • *an original certificate of "good conduct" (Justice and Police)
  • Bank statements or other documents/information proving sufficient financial means during stay in Suriname
  • If your application concerns an intership or voluntary work, a copy of an official letter of the organization/institution in Suriname, stating the purpose and duration of agreement
  • If you intend to work in Suriname, a copy of the labour/employment contract
  • Bankstatement of transfer of administration fee of 10 euro (or payment in cash)
  • a authenticated copy of Permit of country of residence (if applicable)
  • *If married/divorced/living together/single/widow, a copy of the marriage certificate/divorce papers or partnership contract etc.
  • *an authenticated authorization of the parent(s) and a copy of the familybook/birth certificate in case of:
    - a child (up to 17 years) travelling alone 
    - a child (up to 17 years) travelling with one of the parents (with consent of the 2nd parent)
  • * a copy of the judicial decision in case of adoption/legal guardianship of a minor (up to 17 years)
  • a copy of a statement of guarantor in Suriname (in case of insufficient funds of applicant).
  • a copy of valid health insurance document
  • a health certificate (only for citizens of China)

How to submit your "MKV" application
You may submit your "MKV" application at the office of the Visa Department from Monday - Friday (closed on Wednesday) between 09.00 - 14.00 hours or send it in by mail it to our address: De Cuserstraat 11, 1081 CK, Amsterdam

Additional information
Your "MKV" application package has to be submitted in duplicate. One original (complete) and one copy.

An administration fee of 10 euros can be paid in cash or can be transferred to:
The Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname
ABN/AMRO Bank, Gelderlandplein
Account number:
IBAN code: NL47ABNA0549316922

If payment is done in cash, you will receive a receipt. After your "MKV" application has been submitted and forwarded to the competent authorities in Suriname, you will receive through mail, a letter of confirming the receipt of your application and informing you of your reference (file) number. 
The reference numbers of the approved "MKV" applications will be published on our website.
You will be able to check (after a period of 3 months) if your application has been approved.

If your application was not approved, you will be informed by letter.

Your application has been approved.
You now can apply for a "KV" = Short stay visa, to enter Suriname. This visa is only meant to enter Suriname and is valid for 60 days. 
For the visa application, follow procedures for tourist visa, but be sure to write your reference number at the top of the form. The visa fee = 40 euro.
Together with your visa you will receive a note from the Consulate informing you that you have to register with the Ministry of Justice and Police in Suriname, within two (2) weeks of your arrival in Suriname.
You will have to go through final formalities with the Department for Registration of Foreigners in Paramaribo before you receive the final stamps for an Authorization for Temporary Stay ("MKV").

Your passport has to be valid at least six (6) months when entering Suriname. It is also necessary to have at least 1 blank page (back and front).

An amount of US$ 150 (or equivalent in Surinamese currency) has to be paid at the Central Bank of Suriname to finalize your "MKV".

Certificate of Good Conduct
If necessary, the Consulate General can issue a letter stating that you need a "Certificate of Good Conduct" to apply for a "MKV".
To be send to the Consulate for this purpose: a copy of one's passport and a prepaid, self addressed envelope.

A foreigner who has submitted a "MKV" application, will not be eligle for a visa (neither Tourist nor Business visa) to enter Suriname pending the "MKV" process (3 months).

Please note that it is not possible to enter with a Tourist card to finalize an "MKV" - Authorization for Temporary Stay in Suriname.

You are advised not to purchase a non-refundable ticket, until your application has been approved.