Approved Authorization for Temporary Stay

If you have submitted an “MKV” (Temporary Residence permit) application to the Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname in Amsterdam, you can now check via this page of our website whether your application has been approved or rejected.

You will also be informed below of the procedure regarding the "KV" visa for your trip to Suriname.

Reference numbers:

Approved 2020
001/20 -  043/20
045/20 -  074/20
077/20 -  090/20
094/20 - 105/20
109/20, 110/20

Approved 2021
001/21 - 014/21

Persons whose application has been approved are eligible for the KV visa.
To obtain the KV visa an appointment should be made - tel. 020 642 6717/137 - ext 2 or 3.

Visa hours: Monday – Friday, from 09.00 - 14.00 hours


  • the original passport (which is not less than 6 months valid on the day of arrival in Suriname);
  • a fully completed online visa application form in which the MKV reference number is mentioned by the applicant. Please print out the form before you visit the Consulate
  • a recent color passport size picture

The KV visa is placed in your passport while you wait. The KV visa costs € 40.00 (Forty euro).

The residence stamps are placed in Suriname.

On the day of the visa application you will receive a registration letter with attachements from the Consulate in Amsterdam; You will be required to register online within two weeks after your arrival in Suriname:

The Immigrant Department of the Ministry of Justice and Police is located at:
(ground floor of the Ministry of Public Works) the Mr. J. Lachmonstraat 166-168


  • If your application has been rejected you will receive a written notice.
  • Other applications with reference numbers that do not appear on the list above are being processed.

For other details, please refer to "Request for Information Permit Short Stay".