PSA card

Applying for a PSA CARD (Proof of residency in Suriname)

You are holder of a PSA document and would like to register in the population registry of Suriname as a resident. As proof of residency, you can request a PSA Card after you have registered.

Information for the registration of persons with active PSA status (holders of the PSA document) in the population registry of Suriname at the CBB-office in their resort.

How to:
Step 1: After arriving in Suriname report to the Foreigners Service (Ministry of Justice and police) with the PSA document and your passport.

Address: Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat 166-168 (on site of the Ministry of Public Works)

Step 2: Than register at the department of Foreigners Registration of the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs, CBB (part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs)

Address: CBB at the Mr. J. Lachmonstraat #170, Paramaribo Tel. 497625

Step 3: Than register in the population register of your place of residence in Suriname (area office of the CBB)

Required documents for the registration or registration (steps 2 and 3):
1. The valid PSA document
2. A valid passport
3. A birth certificate (if born outside of Suriname with apostille/legalization)
4. A recent extract (with apostille/legalization) of the country where the you have last lived, which clearly states your marital status (married/unmarried/widow/widower).

The extract must not be older than 3 months upon registration in Suriname. An apostille (International legalization) needs to be obtained from the Court in your country of residence before arriving in Suriname.

  1. Where applicable, the proof of deregistration from the population register of the place of origin.

    Note: the CBB official has the authority to request additional documents if necessary.
    No appointment is required for the registration.

Step 4: Production PSA Card: the proof of residency of Suriname
After the registration in the population registry you contact the Department of Foreigners Registration on Telephone Number 497625 for an appointment for the production of the PSA Card.

For the production of the PSA card you will need to bring:
1. the PSA document
2. the Passport
3. the proof of registration in the registry of CBB

Source: CBB Suriname